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NCPlot is an editor and backplotter for 4 axis mill and 2 axis lathe G-Code programs.  This software combines editing, formatting and translation tools that are useful for CNC programmers with a backplotter for instant G-Code verification.



You may download and try NCPlot free for 15 days.  After this trial period has expired, the software will stop functioning and you must purchase a license key to continue using it.

Click here to go to the NCPlot download page

For a printable version of the NCPlot help file, you can download the NCPlot Manual in PDF format.

Disclaimer: We accept no liability for damage caused by the use or misuse of NCPlot. Of course NCPlot can help you verify G-Code, but it is only as good as the person interpreting the tool path display. If you have any kind of problem with NCPlot, please report it by email or post a message on the NCPlot Forum.

The minimum system requirements for NCPlot are:

Pentium® 133 Mhz Processor or better

Windows® 2000, XP, Vista, Windows® 7 or Windows® 8 (32 and 64 bit OS supported)


800 x 600 screen resolution (1024 x 768 or higher is recommended)

256 Colors (24 or 32 bit color is recommended)


NCPlot Beta testing:

There are no beta versions available at this time.


NCPlot features:


Full featured text editor

  • Multiple document interface allows you to open and edit multiple programs at the same time

  • Unlimited undo/redo

  • Cut, Copy and Paste

  • Find and replace

  • Font and color settings may be applied to any part of the program

  • Program coloring improves readability

  • File comparison tool helps you keep your programs up to date

Program formatting tools

  • Remove block numbers, blank lines, comments or spaces

  • Program renumbering with automatic updating of:

    • Macro GOTO references

    • M99 P_ references

    • M98 H_ references (for controls that support this)

    • M97 P_ references (for HAAS style subprograms)

    • Lathe G70 - G73 "Q" and "P" addresses

  • Insert spaces between letter addresses and macro keywords

  • Fix invalid end of line characters

  • Convert programs to all caps

  • Add or remove comment or block skip characters

Program translation tools

  • Mirror

  • Rotate
  • Shift

  • Scale

  • MultiStep Translate makes multiple copies of part features while applying translations, eliminating tedious copy and pasting

  • Convert coordinates between absolute and incremental commands

  • Address Adjustment:  Apply math operations to any program addresses

  • Address Replace:  Good for changing axis names, A to B, etc.

  • Address Remove:  Unnecessary addresses and their values can be removed

  • Address Swap:  Exchange any two program addresses

  • Address Calculator:  Create your own custom address translation tools

  • Convert absolute I / J / K arc center coordinates to or from incremental I / J / K

  • Convert  R specified arcs to or from I / J / K specified arcs

  • Break arcs at quadrants or into a series of line segments


Flexible viewport control

  • A wide assortment of plot controls lets you quickly find any mistakes in your program

  • 7 view modes for Mill and 4 for Lathe

  • Dynamic zoom, rotate and pan

  • Supports 3Dconnexion devices such as the SpaceNavigator™, SpacePilot™ and SpaceExplorer™

  • Animate, step forward or step backward

  • Draw to the cursor, from the cursor or just the selected portion of the program

  • Clicking an entity on the viewport will display the entity properties and highlight the associated block in the program

  • View fade control makes tool movements stand out by "dimming" other tool motions


Calc tools

  • Select entities on the viewport to quickly calculate offsets, blend arcs and find intersection points



Advanced G-Code backplotter

  • Backplotting for Mill and Lathe programs

  • Supports Custom Macro B

  • Can be customized for different control requirements

  • Run time estimation reports gives you machining time per tool and for the entire job

  • Backplotter supports:

    • G65 macro subprogram calls

    • M98 subprogram call in multiple command formats

    • Plane selection G17, G18 and G19

    • Helical arcs

    • Automatic corner rounding, corner chamfering in G01 motions

    • Work offsets G54 - G59

    • Extended Work offsets G54.1 P1 - P300

    • G52 Local work shift

    • G92 Coordinate system setting

    • G16 Polar coordinates

    • G51 Coordinate scaling

    • G51.1 Mirror image

    • G68 Coordinate system rotation

    • G66 Modal macro call

    • G47 Haas engraving - supports literal string, character and serial number engraving

    • Local, common and some system variables

    • Macro keywords IF, THEN, GOTO,  WHILE, DO, END and SETVN

Custom Macro B Support


Macro Debugging

  • Step by step execution of macro programs allows you to watch program variables as the program is executed

Macro Translator

  • This tool will translate a variable macro into a longhand G-Code program that can be run on any machine.  It also expands subprograms into a single long program

Macro Expression Calculator

  • This built-in calculator accepts expressions written in Custom Macro B format.  This tool can also be used to view or set variable values

Macro Variable Renumbering

  • This unique renumbering tool will display the variables used by your macro program and allows you to renumber them

Other tools


Support for VBScripting

  • Many of NCPlot's internal functions are available for scripting.  This is a powerful tool that makes it possible to automate many common tasks such as converting files from one machine to run on another

Text to G-Code converter

  • Instantly create G-Code from font outlines.  Great for etching, creates lettering of any size, on an angle, or even on an arc

Network License Manager

  • NCPlot licenses can be managed over a network with this free license manager


DXF importing / exporting

  • Import DXF drawings to quickly create G-Code for both Mill and Lathe

  • Any backplot can be saved as a DXF drawing file for loading back into a CAD or CAM system



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